domenica 24 ottobre 2010

Only a pawn in their game

Dear Sakineh, they don't give a damn about your life or death. It's equal to them. There's a state and there's a prison where they locked you all away, just like thousands and thousands of human beings, men and women. That's all. Any prison is a death row. I'm writing from a so-called democratic country where the death penalty may be inflicted to anyone who is put into a jail, no matter what he's done. 2010: 54 people died in prison in Italy. Italy, the same country that seems to have adopted you as a symbol.

Just one month ago or so, you used to be a strategic figure in the Italian newspapers, because you come from a strategic country. You don't lie in jail; you lie -with you body, your story, your life, your humanity, your womanness- in the depth of uranium. You lie in oil fields. You lie in money and trade. You lie in the civilization crash games. No prison, even the hardest one, could compete with all this. No death penalty could compete with the penalty of being used as a pawn. Because that's just what you are, or used to be: a pawn in their game.

You probably don't know what's happened in this country, and in other democratic countries as well. They needed someone who could fit well in their war game, and you are definitely perfect. First, you are a woman. You know: women are free in our country. They aren't imposed to wear anything on their head, and that's freedom. On the other hand, they are beaten, killed, stabbed, exploited, raped, slaughtered, harrassed, stalked etc., just like in your country. And that's freedom, too. They put a woman in a death row and kill her, just like in your country; and that's freedom, too. They take your picture and put it on monuments, state buildings and stadiums, and that's freedom. They take their intellectuals, their journalists and their media and put them to the service of their strategy, as long as you may be useful to them in terms of business.

You are no woman. You are no human being. Should you be born elsewhere, you would be ignored. You are a campaign. You are an instrument of mind manipulation, and everyone of us could be used the same way. They say they want to save you; you see, Sakineh, they've already killed you. You didn't work that well. There was something too false in all this. Their enterprise is already looking for some other product. It's hard to say this. It's not your fault. As a product, you can be used and thrown into the waste bin. A disposable symbol.

I hope, of course, that your life will be spared; and there's something dark and terrible in this word. And then? Years of prison, of death disguised in life. Anyway, you're already forgotten. Your picture has been removed from monuments and newspapers. Gone out of fashion. Well, you could briefly get back into fashion if your State would decide to get rid of you; and, I tell you, that's just what they are waiting for. I mean those who used to yell and bark "Save Sakineh": they're those who want you dead. You know: a disposable symbol is better when dead.

By the way, I want to tell you one thing. You've been superseded. New fashion meat. A fifteen years old girl killed by her family, for instance: and all the Italian media got desakinehized. She's a pawn in their game, too. Just like you. Just like us. And this game must be stopped before it's too late.

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